Tuesday, February 21, 2006

CVA Laptops

I think CVA should do this in the near future.

What do y'all think?

Laptops vs. Desktops


Jamey! said...

if you're only doing simple admin work or working on smaller projects that's great. But try doing an kinda of advanced flash site or some sort of multi-page, image heavy print document and you'll soon wish you had a desktop. Until they start putting larger internal hard drives, allowing for more than 2GB of ram and increasing the overall power of laptops, its not going to be the wisest move for most designers. You also need to consider your screen situation. I, for one, don't even consider doing anything on my laptop, aside from email and surfing at home, because there's simply not enough room. Open flash or Illustrator and find yourself enough room for all those pallets. You could always set up a docking station, but then you've gotta get all that stuff set up too.

Just the thoughts of a guy who tried to make the transition and went screaming back to his desktop...

Peet said...

Yeah, I agree there isn't much room on a laptop.

However I keep kickin' myself for not having bought a laptop since I could work more efficiently instead of having to rely on the lab hours or going home to my computer.

I could go either way, I think.

Anonymous said...

What about docking monitors at the school? Another question is software...Who pays?

DuffyMcGee, whaddy think?