Saturday, February 18, 2006

An Intersting approach

Check out this site, they choose to not run their site through the browser but rather through a tiny flash app you download to your desktop, then run. The app then takes over your full screen, creating an entirely immersive experience. Its relatively simple, but very cool.

A Bathing Ape (


Peet said...

Very cool. I dig the shoes.

Do you think that this might be a direction that interactive "sites" might be going? Very powerful way to direct people towards the information. I wonder if people might feel it is too invasive.

I love the fact that it mimics an operating system.

Jamey! said...

Well, i honestly don't now if it'll catch on anytime soon. it doesn, in fact, feel a bit invasive, AND There's always the whole cross platform issue that will most likely nevre be resolved. But i could be comepletely wrong, too and it may be the next big thing. i do like the browserless experience.