Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What's Up Your Kilt?

The graduating seniors are about to embark on their third studio intensive next Tuesday, March 28th. After two three-week sessions with the likes of Eric Madsen (The Office of Eric Madsen) and Ben Levitz (Carmichael-Lynch-Thorburn), our dauntless nine will cap their semester with Jeff Johnson (Spunk).

Each experience involves a project, review, and final critique. Meetings occur on the designer's home turf – their offices. And though the project work is figured to take about 10 hours of homework, the seniors will tell you, that because of the pressure of producing work for designers of Eric's, Ben's, and Jeff's stature, they feel compeled to do much more. So far the results have been fantastic!

In honor of next week's visit to Spunk. I offer up Jeff's latest crazy concoction:

What's Up Your Kilt?


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