Monday, April 10, 2006

CVA Sweeps Portfolio One-on-One


Congratulations to Alison Beattie, Peter Fetsch, and Colleen Meyer. Ali captured the $1,000 Larsen Scholarship and Colleen the $1,000 AIGA Scholarship. Peet received an honorable mention.

All confirm the strength of CVA students, its program, and faculty. The same situation occured last year and in all previous years that CVA students entered (save one year when we received an honorable mention but not the big one).

You should all be proud.


allie said...

Hey John,

Thanks for the post, just to let you know I got the AIGA scholarship and Colleen received the Larsen one, not that it makes much difference!

Congrats to both C & P again!

Manna d'la Panna said...

Rock on, guys.


Nick said...

CVA made an awesome showing this year, just like last year. It was the best stuff in the room.