Monday, October 09, 2006

The Design Frontier

For all of you interested in design education:

The Design Frontier
graphic design education
in small programs and non-urban regions

The Design Frontier will concentrate on the needs and accomplishments of graphic designs maverick educators in universities, colleges, community colleges and high schools. Presentations will focus on the challenges and possibilities of dispersed conditions and small faculties in the country's smaller graphic design programs, often in regional towns without professional graphic design communities or AIGA chapters to provide adjunct faculty, professional role models, student internships and entry level jobs.

The program will include main-stage speakers, discussion sessions, student project presentations and paper presentations selected from submitted abstracts through a peer-reviewed process. The conference is open to AIGA members and non-members, design educators, practitioners and design students. More conference program and registration information is posted at

The Design Frontier is an AIGA Design Education Conference sponsored by AIGA, the professional association for design, and Adobe Systems.

The Design Frontier Steering Committee

* Fred Murrell, Cochair
* Michael Mages, Cochair
* Katherine McCoy, Cochair
* Lisa Abendroth, Peer Review Chair
* Randy Fox, Events Chair

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