Friday, October 13, 2006

Submit your life-changing designs to INDEX

(five $125,000 prizes)

AIGA will partner with INDEX in promoting U.S. entries to an international competition for design projects that significantly improve life for a large number of people. One prize of 100,000 euros will be given in each of five categories.

AIGA will recommend one U.S. entry for each category: body, home, work, play and community. The AIGA nominations will then be judged against entries from other countries around the world. In addition, entries can be submitted directly to INDEX, although their probability of success is stronger with national organization endorsement.

The U.S. entries will be judged by the AIGA board using the following criteria:

Social, ecological, cultural and economic impact
Accessibility Affordability
Flexibility and simplicity
Level of innovation
Future potential Appropriate aesthetics
The design must have improved the lives of a vast number of people, before it qualifies. The Index Award nominations continue until November 18, 2006. Entries may be sent, digitally, to AIGA at For more information on the competition, visit

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