Monday, April 24, 2006

Check AIGA Profile

Please login to your profile to check your current AIGA student chapter affiliation (you'll need your membership number and password). If you have paid your membership dues and are not listed below please place yourself in the CVA student group to get our numbers up (we need 10 to be a chapter).

Alison Beattie
Barbara Brown
Peter Fetsch
Brianna Hagstrom
Colleen Meyer
Renea Moran
Charissa Peterson
Michelle Reid
Andrew Voss

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John DuFresne said...

The web site advises the following:

... If students are not listed, their membership may have expired OR they may simply not have been affiliated with the group. Please tell your students to go to, select "Change my address" and near the bottom of the page, indicate that they are affiliated with this group.